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Christie Finley

Christie Finley

When Huntsville City Schools Board of Education selected Christie Finley as its new leader in August 2018, she inherited a robust school district. However, it was initially fraught with challenges of a fiscal variety.
hunted Huntsville

Hunted Huntsville

Did you ever step into a building and feel an inexplicable chill? Walk around an old house and feel as though you’re not alone? Well, we have some stories that will give credence to those feelings, and they happened right here in Huntsville. Believe or not, either way, enjoy!
Mayor Tommy Battle

Building Huntsville

With more than 100 people moving to the Huntsville area each week, it’s no surprise the Rocket City is now the second-largest municipality in Alabama. If current trajectories hold true, it could be the most populous city in the state in three years or less. ...
bill elliot

Bill Elliot

In honor of National Honeybee Day on August 21, meet local beekeeper and Huntsville native, Bill Elliott. Bill is a Master Beekeeper, with apiaries in Blossomwood, Redstone Arsenal and near Harvest. Bill shares some of his extensive knowledge with HUNTSVILLE EVENT – and tells us why bees are oh so cool.

John Allen

John Allen, the Committee of 100’s dynamic CEO, speaks about its mission and exciting initiatives. Founded in 1995 by a group of eight business leaders from the Chamber of Commerce, the Committee’s focus is the City of Huntsville, the City of Madison, and the County of Madison. It was founded on three principles: high quality public education, long term economic development, and cooperative local government.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Huntsville has earned the name “Rocket City.” The city has been eager to embrace its identity as the technology capital of Alabama. While there is no denying how important technology has been for the rapid growth of ...

Lori Pence

Lori Pence is a Land Steward at the Land Trust of North Alabama. As a native of Madison County with a longtime appreciation of the outdoors her work toward the Land Trust’s mission is vital to protect and maintain the area’s extensive natural spaces. 

Emma Lansdell

Emma Lansdell has a lot to be excited about. Monte Sano State Park has been in a state of metamorphosis since she took the helm as park manager in January 2020. If there’s anyone who is up to the challenge to usher the park through a series of ...

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

For newlyweds Haley and Grayson Couch, and Hannah and Jason Charles, even a global pandemic couldn’t put a damper on their dream wedding days. The brides give firsthand accounts of the couples’ stories from first ...
ashley ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez Ph.D., is a baker, restauranteur and author. She owns Mason Dixon Bakery, which specializes in gluten free products, as well as raising aw
hank isenberg

Hank Isenberg

An organization does not earn the five-time distinction of “Best Places to Work” without merit. It must have a rock-solid, supportive work culture to back it up. As President/CEO of IronMountain Solutions (IMS,) Hank Isenberg is ...

Setting Goals

As we begin a new year, we often take time to examine our lives and set goals for our personal life, finances and health. Different than New Year’s resolutions, these goals should be visited throughout the year to assess progress.

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