Tiffany Hargrove

What’s your favorite activity/hobby outside of work?

I’m an active person and enjoy being outside. Kayaking is my favorite hobby. You can find me most weekends during the summer floating the Flint River. I also enjoy running for fun and hit up the Huntsville Pub Run most Wednesday nights!

If you had unlimited funds, what would you do first?

If I had unlimited funds, I would definitely pack my bags and travel around the world fora few months. I enjoy visiting new places and would take the opportunity to go on adventures and soak in new experiences in countries I’ve never visited before.

Favorite spot in or around Huntsville?

My favorite spots in Huntsville are our local breweries. We have some great places to go hang out with friends or listen to live music. BackForty, Yellowhammer and Straight to Ale are some of my most frequented go-to’s.

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