ashley shelton davis

Ashley Shelton Davis

Ashley Shelton Davis is a Huntsville native that has served in many roles in the community and her career. From being a teacher and mom of four, to being a catalyst to spur what she terms “viral volunteerism.” Davis currently
fran fluhler

Fran Fluhler

On any given Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, the line begins to form early, sometimes as early as 10 a.m., even though the doors don’t officially open until 3:00 p.m. during the week and at 11:30 on Saturdays.
mary pat riley

Mary Pat Riley

Mary Pat Riley has a passion for learning, helping and nature. Some of her local interests are Maple Hill Cemetery, Botanical Gardens, North Alabama Land Trust, Historic Huntsville Foundation and Burritt Museum.
Bruce Weddendorf

Bruce Weddendorf

In addition to lending his mechanical engineering background and expertise for NASA, commercial customers, and the green energy industry, Bruce Weddendorf is also co-founder and Vice President of Straight to Ale
Bennie Jacks at work

Bennie Jacks

A native of North Alabama, Bennie Jacks earned numerous honors and awards during her long career at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, including the coveted Silver Snoopy award, presented by an astronaut to recognize

Ray Maranda

Ray Maranda is in his fourth decade as a chef and ice carver. He moved to Huntsville in 1992 with Club Corporation of America, known in Huntsville as Heritage Club.

Louis Breland

Louis Breland, founder of Breland Properties and Breland Homes will talk to you all day long about his commercial and residential building projects like Town Madison and the new Clift Farm development.

Lucy Thomas

Lucy Thomas never had a choice whether or not to create. Be it music, theatre, textiles or painting, “making” was a need just as powerful as sleeping or eating.

Madison Mayor: Paul Finley

Paul Finley is the mayor of the city of Madison. He has lived in Madison since 1995 and raised his family there. He was elected for his first term as mayor in 2008.
danny davis

Danny Davis

Danny Davis is an artist/artisan who creates custom guitars and mandolins in his Huntsville studio. Davis’ understanding of acoustics and mechanical systems comes from a thirty-year career with NASA developing space launch systems.

Village of Promise

Bobby Bradley is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who grew up in Huntsville. She now focuses her time on serving others through the nonprofit she cofounded, mentoring, civic and community organizations and her church.

Josh Allison

Josh Allison is a musician with a soulful sound who plays at many popular venues around town, either solo, with a band, or partnered with his singer/songwriter wife Judy.
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