Narvell Patton

Narvell Patton is a self-professed Southern girl who inherited her love of cooking from her mother. In business for over 20 years, Catering by Narvell specializes in delicious fare from down-home

Julie Gill

Julie Gill, owner of Big Glass Art, is an artist specializing in stained glass. She grew up in the Midwest in a blue-collar family where she attended Catholic school through 6th grade. In junior high and high school, Gill signed up for every art and craft class available

Phillip Otto

Phillip Otto has served as the Artistic Director for the Huntsville Ballet since 2008. From ballet student to instructor and director, Otto’s far-reaching presence in the world of classical dance affords The Huntsville Ballet Company a world-class leader.

Church Street Wine Shoppe and Purveyor

An unabashed love of wine, art and charity has found the perfect synergy in both Church Street Wine Shoppe and its younger sibling, Purveyor, and reflect the owners' open, approachable and welcoming personalities.

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey is the bestselling author of the McMurtrie & Drake legal thriller series. “The Last Trial” is the third novel in the series. For the past eighteen years, Bailey has been an attorney with the Huntsville law firm of Lanier Ford.

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson serves the greater Huntsville community in a number of capacities. Enriching the lives of others through service and community involvement is a running theme in Anderson’s professional life.
Keith Yager, EVENT Magazine

Keith Yager

Keith Yager, head brewer at Yellowhammer Brewing in Huntsville, began his craft as a home brewer. His extensive experience, along with tips and advice from friends in the industry, prepared him for commercial brewing.
EVENT Magazine Stuart Oberman

Stuart Obermann

Stuart Obermann, CEO and President of The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, is striving to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Huntsville through philanthropy.

Danielle Damson

With a love of all things classical, artist Danielle Damson has co-founded Protégé Atelier in Huntsville to help foster the return to realism movement.

Scott McLain

Scott McLain is a member of the Huntsville community who believes in contributing his time and working hard on initiatives to make Huntsville a better place.

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