Brooke Brunsvold

Realtor®, eXp Realty

Born and raised in North Alabama with over twenty-five years of real estate experience, Brooke has the knowledge of the local market and the experience needed to help you reach your goals of home ownership. Brooke is known among her colleagues, clients, and the community alike for her approachable style, professionalism, integrity, and giving spirit, allowing her to faithfully serve her clients which earns her the reputation of being
one of the most trusted agents in her area.

Her keen ability to understand her clients’ needs and advocate for their best possible outcome has helped her to achieve the success she strives for while at the same time ensuring her clients’ home buying and selling experience is exceptional.

When you were little what did you dream of being when you grew up?  

A news anchor, so I worked really hard to cover the “south in my mouth,” and so I am a realtor.  A lawyer was something I considered as well.

Who helped shape you in your career? 

Hands down it’s my two boys.  They are the reason for everything I do, and while I spend a lot of time away from them working, they are 100% why I hustle and grind like I do in the hopes of leaving a legacy to them.  They have grown up with me in this industry, so they understand, and I have their full support.

What do you love most about what you do?  

As cliché as it sounds, it’s the feeling that comes with getting each of my clients under contract and to the closing table.  In the last couple of years that has been increasingly harder to do.  With the supply and demand issue, as realtors, we are working longer and harder to make our clients homeowners, so I get even more satisfaction than ever helping them reach that goal.

How do you maintain balance as a working mother? 

That’s a tough one because I’m pretty sure I miss the mark here. But I have two incredible kids that pitch in a lot and we work together to keep things in motion. We have also learned that our balance doesn’t quite look like everyone else’s.  And that’s okay as long as we are doing our best working together and putting family first at the end of the day.

How did the pandemic effect your business? What differentiates you from your peers or competitors?  

Overall, my family was built for a pandemic.  We work from home, homeschool, and outside activities include swim and golf and those all withstood the lockdown. As a result, my business grew exponentially!  Being with a cloud-based brokerage, my company was already set up to operate virtually so I didn’t miss a beat.  While other brokerages were trying to make the shift to accommodate a new way of doing things I didn’t have to slow down for that transition.   eXp Realty has been operating since its inception with the intent to work with anyone, anytime, anywhere so I was not only prepared but confident my business would be sustainable throughout the pandemic.  And it definitely was!

What’s your favorite thing about the Huntsville / Madison county area?  

Even though the growth of our city is historically unmatched it maintains that solid small town community vibe I have always loved about it.

What civic organizations or nonprofits have you been involved with and why have they been important to you?  

If I had to choose one nonprofit that means the most to me it would be NOMA.  Not One More Alabama is made up of a group of strong, determined mothers (and their families) that have watched their loved ones struggle and or suffer loss at the hands of addiction.  Through fundraising for this group, I have come to understand just how prevalent the opioid crisis is and met lifelong friends that I love and will continue to support through raising funds and awareness with this group. As a mother I stand with them in the hope of one day not losing one more life to this horrific addiction.

What awards, accolades / accomplishments are you proudest of?  

As a result of the growth my business has seen in the last couple of years I’m most excited to be shifting my focus and starting a team this year. I have partnered with Lisa Elliott who recently returned to eXp Realty. Together we are building a team model that offers agents the most support and mentoring along with systems and tools that will make them successful realtors as well. Just before the onset of the pandemic I decided to get my broker’s license, not because I wanted to start my own brokerage but because I wanted to be a leader in this industry.  In recent years I had inadvertently begun mentoring and coaching other agents and ones who wanted to get their own real estate license and discovered that I really enjoyed it.  Knowing eXp Realty comes from a place of contribution and freedom through service to others, I knew I wanted to start this team with this company.  I am excited to mimic that structure and framework that benefits agents and emulate that “us” model the founder has put into motion, albeit on a smaller scale.

Do you have a favorite quote about strong or powerful women you would like to share? 

Strong women aren’t simply born.  They are made by the storms they walk through.

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