Kenny Anderson

Written by Melissa Gerrish
Photos by Steve Babin

Kenny Anderson serves the greater Huntsville community in a number of capacities, whether it’s working with the city of Huntsville to address issues that involve multiculturalism, working in the field of higher education or in his own consulting firm. Enriching the lives of others through service and community involvement is a running theme in Anderson’s professional life.

EVENT: What is your education background?

K.A.: [I have a] bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oakwood College and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Alabama A&M University.

EVENT: What is your profession?

K.A.: I am Multicultural Affairs Officer for the city of Huntsville, a position focusing on quality of life issues for all residents. I served 17 years at Calhoun Community College, most recently as Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am president at Maximum Life Enhancement, an education and business management consulting sole proprietorship.

EVENT: Are you a native or transplant?

K.A.: I was born and raised on the lower east side of New York City.

EVENT: What are your goals?

K.A.: Inspiring others to get more involved with community service; encouraging others to understand and embrace the value of community engagement.

EVENT: What philanthropic projects are dear to you and why?K.A.: I established the Jack and Annie Anderson 2nd Chance Scholarship in 2010 held by the Calhoun Foundation. It is designated for a student who has overcome adversity and is now pursuing a degree or certificate. I also established the 212 Community Service Scholarship at Oakwood University in 2016, held by the OU Office of Advancement and Development. It is designated for an upper division psychology major who is actively engaged in community service.

EVENT: What do you like about Huntsville?

K.A.: Huntsville is a leader in innovation and technology. It’s a community where people can serve and work with others to improve the city. Huntsville is also extremely resourceful and can address and respond to many needs effectively.

EVENT: What are some of your hobbies?

K.A.: Reading, traveling, baseball, stamp collecting, and community service.

EVENT: What are your interests?

K.A.: I just launched Blueprints mentoring group to train and mentor leaders for the future. n

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