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Playing music is good for your brain and it’s never too late to start!

by Judy Spiva Allison, Huntsville Music Scene

You’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar or make use of that piano that’s been sitting in the living room for most of your life. It’s time! I’ve got the resources and reasons you need to make your dreams come true! 2 0 2 3  = 7 Reasons you should learn to play music in 2023!

  1. Music is healing. The past two years were incredibly challenging. Music is healing and it can be a healthy escape.

It is our desire to promote the love of music Huntsville Strings Shop

  1. It’s great for the brain! Use it or lose it? Exercising your brain with a music lesson is the new treadmill.

(You might live in Huntsville if your neighbor is a rocket scientist AND a musician.)

  1. Raise vibrations in and around you! Sure, at first you might send your loved ones running and hiding in their rooms while you practice. But think of the power you’ll have to create a vibe! (You’ll get better with practice, you know this.)

“Live Life Loud!” Huntsville Community Drumline

  1. It’s social! Let’s face it, we just survived 2 years of the worst collective anti-social behaviors we’ve ever known. Let’s just get socially awkward with a music teacher and maybe even group lessons! Then the sky is the limit, and you can play along with a duo, trio or quartet.

“Our mission is to provide students with skills that will promote teamwork, leadership, motivation, and pride.” Maitland Conservatory

  1. JOY! You know learning a new skill like music will make you laugh, and you can share your joy with others. No one learns music so they can be depressed. However, music can help you express those dark emotions. Think of the colors you might paint while playing an A minor… there’s a slight tension in the air, dark brown or drab grey? Or maybe you’re feeling cheery and you’d like to learn to play a song in C, thinking about yellowy sunshine and fresh air.

“Our programs drastically improve the quality of life for people with special needs.” The Happy Headquarters, Merrimack Hall

  1. Increased confidence and well-being!

“Our holistic approach is for the development of the total student through the medium of music.” Valley Conservatory

  1. Reduced Stress!

Contemporary research suggests music has significant power to help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and improve focus among many more benefits. (Refer back to #1 and repeat!)

Interested in expanding your musical horizons? A list of locally owned music schools and instruction can be found here, presented by Huntsville’s Music Officer, Matt Mandrella and the Music Office:


Looking for inspiration?

Free Family Concert: The Composer is Dead

by Huntsville Symphony Orchestra

A Whodunnit Mystery for Orchestra

Saturday, February 25, 2023



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