Kaitlynn Roark

Kaitlynn Roark

Occupation: Director, Human Capital at Crossflow Technologies, Inc.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

give256 is Huntsville’s first giving circle and probably what I’d consider my greatest achievement to date. My sister and I started give256 almost five years ago, and through the support of the community and members we have been able to give out over $45,000 in grants since we started. The nonprofit is something I take great pride in, and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future.

What’s your all-time favorite Halloween costume?

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I enjoy any excuse for a themed party, and Halloween definitely falls in that category. It’s hard to pick a favorite costume, but I think the year my friends and I went as Party Animals might win out. It was such a simple idea that allowed everyone to put their own spin on it. Everyone got to dress in fancy formal attire but have the fun make-up and accessories of an animal of their choosing. We had everything from deer, to cats, and a wolf – I went as a raccoon, and the make-up lasted for days!

What do enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Live music of any kind. I’d happily travel any night of the week to see a fun concert. Pre-pandemic there were many nights that I spent driving back and forth from Birmingham or Nashville with friends. Now that the Orion Amphitheatre has opened, I’ve been a frequent visitor and could not be happier! I get to enjoy all the benefits of an exciting music scene without the tiresome hour and a half plus drive home for work early the next day. This summer is packed full of concerts, and I cannot wait!

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