Jana Padgett

Founder/Owner, The White Barn at Padgett Place

Jana Padgett was born at Huntsville Hospital and grew up in the Toney/Harvest communities. She is a wife, mom and grammie to three beautiful grandchildren. She worked in the nursing field many years ago, was blessed to be able to stay home and raise her family, got involved in the fitness world doing competitions and eventually teaching a form of Pilates. Seven years ago, she completed the education and testing to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator.

“That profession has been extremely good to me, but I longed to use the creativity that is at the core of who I am. What I really wanted to do for longer than I can remember is own a venue. That dream is now an exquisite reality.”

What circumstances or people helped shape you in your career?

My mom, Betty Whiteley Warren certainly helped shape my work ethic! She taught me to get up early, work hard every day and NEVER half-do anything. I strive for perfection at everything I do and ALWAYS do my best to exceed expectations. This serves me well in life but particularly in the wedding industry where that special day has to be perfect!

What do you love most about your job?

I love to design beautiful spaces, create a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, serve my couples, their families and guests but most of all I LOVE to experience the happiness in the eyes of my brides, grooms and their families at the end of the night when they say, “Ms. Jana it was everything we dreamed of.” I suppose I love being an excellent hostess.

What differentiates you from your peers or competitors?

Different how? I can’t really say how I am different than my peers/competitors since I am not in their facilities and don’t know how they handle their businesses. I do believe that it is super important that I am an on-site owner and am super involved in the entire process for each event.

What do you love most about the Huntsville/Madison County area?

The Huntsville/Madison Co/Morgan Co (my current home and business location) is HOME. It’s small enough that we still feel that sense of community but large enough that we have all the best amenities. We have people who have moved here from all over the world so we are very diverse, which creates our own unique culture.

What civic organizations or nonprofits have you been involved with, and why have those been important to you?

I accept any opportunity to work with the American Cancer Society. I am a survivor so I understand what fundraising and awareness does for real people like myself.

What awards, accolades or accomplishments are you proudest of?

I am most proud of being mom to three happy, healthy and productive children who are kind, caring human beings. Aside from my family I am so very proud of The White Barn! I drew the plan on a piece of poster board, was on site almost every day during construction helping do anything I possibly could – like painting, staining, laying sod etc. I did the interior design (with much input from my friend Amy Rathman,) sourced and purchased every piece of furniture and the fixtures to put the pictures together that had been in my head for so long. It was quite an undertaking when we began clearing trees and pouring concrete but became much more so as the pandemic hit at just that phase. I have more blood, sweat and tears in this project than anyone could really understand unless you were here. The harder the work, the greater the payoff and I certainly am surrounded by a facility that not only is esthetically pleasing, but it also has a feeling to it that one can only experience by visiting.

What is your mission statement?

Here at The White Barn, we don’t just rent a facility. We are here to make sure that couples and their families enjoy their event as VIPs. I often say that you should consider us your wedding concierge.

Do you have a favorite quote about powerful or strong women you’d like to share?

 In the words of one of my female heroes, Maya Angelou:

“I am woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”

We as women wear so many hats every day! We are wives, moms, housekeepers, chefs, caretakers and bread winners. We are not physically the strongest but we are the strongest and we are phenomenally women.

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