angel coleman


Written by Lori Boatfield
Photos by Steve Babin
Hair and Makeup by Andrea Johnson 

Huntsville Resident Angel Baker Coleman has recently embarked upon her artistic journey. She uses clay, hot glue, and sometimes a little pixie dust to express her unique style. 

LB: What or who inspired you to be an artist? 

AC: I took art in high school from Robbie Pulliam. She was tiny, quiet, mild- mannered and yet she inspired all of her rambunctious students to learn, create, and appreciate art. Those gifts have always been a part of who I am. 

LB: How did you begin to use different materials, like glue and clay in your pieces? 

AC: Other than helping my five children with their school projects or working on a set for some play they were in, my artistic side lay dormant after high school. About three years ago, I mentioned to my children that I might like to paint again, so for Christmas of 2018, they set up a little studio for me. The easel-mounted canvas mocked me for a year. It had been 35 years! Then I happened upon a YouTube video of a tree created using a glue gun. Finally, I found the courage to tackle that blank canvas, and I was pleased with the finished product. Immediately, my mind flooded with ways I could explore more options with different media. I began using clay because it allowed for more detail. It was very freeing to realize I didn’t have to limit myself to just one medium. 

LB: I read that much of your art is inspired by your love for the South. Can you talk about that? 

AC: Nature, family and whimsy play a large role in my art. Being raised in the South, I find inspiration all around me. 

LB: What do you love most about Huntsville specifically? 

AC: I was recently asked to make a painting of the Huntsville skyline. Well … that’s a tough one, but there are many iconic sites that evoke that warm feeling of “home.” Big Spring Park, Eggbeater Jesus and our very own Saturn V. 

LB: How do you bring life to unloved pieces in your art? 

AC: I have a room that is full of thrift store, yard sale, even curbside pieces that were likely destined for a landfill, but I knew that with a little creativity, they could be given a new life and made into something to be cherished. n 

To see more of Angel’s artwork: 



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