Written by Lori Boatfield
Main Photo (pg 64) by Steve Babin
Photos (page 65) contributed by Paula Naumcheff
Hair & Makeup by 505 Salon, Kristie Doyle
Stylist, Kit Wallace

Paula Naumcheff is a food/lifestyle content creator, chef instructor, model and tv personality. 

EVENT: I see from your website that cooking is your family legacy. What or who specifically inspired you be a chef? 

PN: I was curious about food and recipes as young as I can remember – a total food geek. My father challenged me to develop my skills both sweet and savory. I learned so much from him about flavor layering and sauces. My mom was an exceptional scratch baker, so she has always been the inspiration for my sweet recipes. 

EVENT: Can you talk about the lifestyle portion of your brand? 

PN: As a lifestyle influencer, my mission is creating a positive, unpretentious community. I love to play with fashion, beauty, and skincare. I think self-care is a way we nurture ourselves, so it is of value to our wellbeing. I recently discovered Barre workouts and am getting into the best shape I physically can. People wouldn’t know it, but I had a medical issue recently that made eating difficult. It always struck me as ironic and funny, I would be taping shows on food and cocktails, and hardly anyone knew I couldn’t eat much of what I created. The lessons I’m learning are that determination, faith, and