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Written by Lori Boatfield  Photos by Steve Babin
Makeup by Nancy Finnegan

Singer/songwriter Victoria Jones from Huntsville, Ala.— with works produced by Grammy Nominated Kelvin Wooten and 318 Production’s Canita “QuiteGirl” Rogers—is a soulful blend of neo-soul, pop, and R&B. She began writing music at the age of fifteen. Inspired by life, people and the world around her, Victoria Jones creates music that speaks to everyday life and situations to uplight, enlighten and to edify. 

LB: I see that you began writing at a young age. What inspired you then, and how has your process changed since then? 

VJ: I began songwriting at the age of fifteen. Back then my process looked a lot like discovering new chord progressions on the guitar and working within a theme to craft new music. Now, my process looks a lot like living life, journaling, penning down my life and the stories of others. I feel like my singing and songwriting has matured over the years and I’m grateful for that. 

LB: Who are some of your most important influences for both singing and songwriting? 

VJ: I adore a ton of artists from the United Kingdom. Artists like Labrith, Emeli Sande and Laura Mvula really move me. Apart from current age artists, I love the sounds of Nina Simone and classic R&B. 

LB: You’ve worked with some amazing people in the music business. What has that been like? 

VJ: I have been blessed to work and meet various amazing greats within the music industry. From DJ Fontanta (Elvis Presley’s former drummer) to Michael Jackson’s former producer, I have enjoyed sharing space and taking in their expertise. Within our scene, I really thank producer Kelvin Wooten and cultural engineer Codie G for the soul-sustaining words of wisdom that they’ve given me over the years. Music is a longevity game, and it requires you to take your time and take in all the beautiful life in-between. I never want my greatest impact to solely be a voice on a stage. I want to show up well for myself, my family and community and let music flow from that

beautiful space. I’m grateful for them and other leaders that have encouraged me to stay the course, dream big but also lead well and walk humbly. 

LB: What’s your favorite thing about the Huntsville area? 

VJ: My favorite thing about the Huntsville area is its strong sense of camaraderie. I’ve seen our community band together to keep businesses alive, to help art and music thrive and so much more. Huntsville has always seemed to be an area that is willing to embrace uniqueness and change while still maintaining the sacredness of long-rooted relationships while growing. There are plenty of sectors that need improvement towards progressivism but for the most part, there are a lot of creative leaders leading the charge and I love that. 

LB: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? 

VJ: Whenever I am not working, I’m usually resting. I greatly enjoy traveling, being home, cooking delicious home-cooked meals and curling up to a good movie. I also love hanging out with my friends and loved ones as well as hiking in nature. Outside of the “glitz and glam” of music, I enjoyed lived-in moments. 

LB: Where can our readers find your music? 

VJ: Readers can find my music on all digital platforms (i.e iTunes, Spotify, and more). One can also stay up to date about my life in and outside of music through my social media and my website 

LB: Are you performing locally/regionally in the next few months? 

VJ: My local and regional shows are TBA. Right now, I am tending to my life in music as a singer/songwriter and I am thoroughly enjoying my new role as partnership manager of Huntsville’s first Amphitheater. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the The Venue Group (aka Huntsville Amphitheater) team. To see this colosseum-like venue take shape after years of advocating for the arts and speaking before City Council, feels like a dream come true. So many artists and business leaders within our community rallied together for this moment so it’s truly special to now be a part of The Venue Group and serve in a way that impacts and amplifies our community like this. 

victoria jones

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